Breakfast: The Bottle Shop 75011

Bottle Shop

We have already written about the Bottle Shop as a place to tear it up on the weekend, but the breakfast here is so good it is deserving of its own spotlight.

Brunch is something lost in translation when it comes to Paris. Australians crave avocado on wholegrain toast with a crumble of fetta and a splash of olive oil. The English want a fry up with beans, sausages, toast and real bacon. I imagine Americans find it difficult to locate a decent bagel, let alone the lashings of cream cheese found on ever corner of New York.

But at the Bottle Shop everyone wins. You can have your fry up, you can have a breakfast burrito, you can have a bloody mary and you can listen to the Stones. They pump out the best weekend breakfast in the city without needing to fork out for a buffet of food your hangover probably cannot tolerate.

It’s inexpensive and seemingly served till 3-4pm depending on demand. Poached, scrambled or fried it is a guaranteed pick-me-up.

The Bottle Shop, 5 Rue Trousseau 75011


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