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Absinthe: Cantada II 75011

The one good thing to come out of a disastrous visit to neighbouring Josephine was the accidental discovery of the Cantada II. An absinthe bar that is open until 5am on weekends.

They must have over 100 different kinds of absinthe, serving it in gorgeous vintage fountains with sugar and spoons. The staff will talk you through it (in English or French).

Downstairs there is a cave decorated like a crypt where you can try your hand at rock’n’roll Kareoke. They have musically themed soirées pretty much every night of the week.

It’s not full of hipsters, it’s full of real punks, goths, rockers, teddy boys and old bizzaros. Cheap, rough and fun.

Impress fellow hipsters: try and get a membership, technically the bar is only open to members after 1.30am.

Le Cantada II, 13 rue Moret 75011

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