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Baguette: U Spuntinu 75009

Baguettes at U Spuntino

Baguettes at U Spuntino

U Spuntinu is the patron saint of Sandwiches in a culinary black hole between St Lazare and Madeleine.

This Corsican deli is pumping out some of the best damn baguettes in Paris, most of which cost less than 6€.

It’s not for the faint hearted of appetite. They are quite huge by anglo-saxon sandwich standards, layered with butter, ham, cheese, chicken, salads, eggs – all the usual suspects.

My personal favourite is the made-to-order omelette sandwich with sundried tomato confit. It’s the most satisfyingly huge start to the day should you forget to eat breakfast. It’s also very useful should you be in the midst of wine-recovery.

Most of all, for all you visitors out there shopping up a storm at Printemps or Galeries Lafayette, or touristing at Madeleine, its a cheap spot to get a quick and easy sandwich.

Just brush up on your basic French. It gets really busy (with lines out the door at lunch) and the Corsican ladies running the show don’t suffer fools lightly.


Impress fellow hipsters: stock up on a bottle of Cap Corse Mattei, a Corsican aperitif made of Myrtle. Or some Brocciu, a delicious ricotta-style cheese to be eaten with white wine.

U Spuntinu, 21 Rue des Mathurins 75009
T. + 33 (0) 1 47 42 66 52

Metro: Havre-Caumatin, Madeleine
Monday – Friday, 9am – 7.30pm


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