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Wine: Aux Deux Amis 75011

Aux Deux Amis is a bar devoted to natural wine, offering prix-fixe lunch, tapas at the bar or a more substantial dinner for people with the sense to book.

The service is notoriously selective, but the establishment remains an inexpensive way to navigate a curtly curated list of natural wines, alongside the burrata-saussicon-artichoke tapas staples near-requisite in Parisian natural wine bars.

The décor serves well to dispel interest from elitest tourists, who pack out 3-starred salons full of Louis XIII furnishings and silver service. Here it’s generally locals nestled amongst neon, mirrors and a surprisingly good selection of whiskey.

Impress fellow hipsters: Aux Deux Amis was launched by David Loyola, who worked at Le Chateaubriand for four years.

Aux Deux Amis, 45 rue Oberkampf 75011

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