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Bento: Nanashi 75003

Nanashi is one of the busiest lunch spots in the north Marais, pumping out lean proteins and ancient grains in bento format.

It’s not a Japanese restaurant beyond the idea of various savory items presented in a cube, but the Asian influences are evident enough.

Dried bowls of beef, grilled fish, respect for tofu, soy condiments. It’s truly tasty healthy fare with fresh juices, herbal teas and vegetarian offerings, without being ironic.

Impress fellow hipsters: The Japanese chef, Kaori Endo, is formerly of Rose Bakery, with backing from Lionel Bensemoun of Le Baron & La Fidelité.

Nanashi, 57 rue Charlot 75003
Original Nanashi, 31 rue de Paradis 75010

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