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Cocktails: Harry’s New York Bar 75002

Harry's NY Bar

Harry’s New York Bar is one of Paris’ longest serving cocktail joints, opened on Thanksgiving Day 1911.

Everything here is old school. You won’t find artisan snacks or house made unicorn syrups. The bar has made few changes past 1911 and it is a good thing.

The bar was literally dismantled in New York and reassembled in Paris, under the command of a former American jockey. He then hired Scotsman Harry MacElhone to look after it, whose family still runs the bar today.

The open-all-day-every-day boozer is best experienced on quiet afternoons, where grown men in white coats will whip up kicking Manhattan’s and ice cold Martini’s.

Bank notes from all over the world line any surface that isn’t wood paneled, as a mix of tourists, regulars and suits fill up the bar stools and pour into the lounge.

It is most widely known as the birthplace of the Bloody Mary, which is 50% true. Fernand Petiot took George Jessel’s half/half vodka/tomato juice combo from NYC, and added the various peppers, lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce at Harry’s, to make what we know as the Bloody Mary today.

Impress fellow hipsters: should you be in need of a cigarette, the bar keeps individuals for customers in an antique wooden box. He who smokes the last must buy the next packet.

Harry’s New York Bar, 5 rue Danou 75002
T. +33 (0)1 42 61 71 14
W. harrysbar.fr

Metro: Opéra
Sunday – Thursday, 12pm – 2am
Friday – Saturday, 12pm – 3am

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