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Coffee: Fondation Café 75003

Fondation Café is an espresso bar dedicated to the art of coffee.

The brains behind the minimal space is Australian barista Chris Nielsen, whom many will remember from his time at Ten Belles.

Unsurprisingly the coffee is excellent, whether its a café latte or a succinct cup of filter. For those that prefer their beverages without caffeine, there is freshly squeezed OJ and artisan lemonades and cola.

Emporer Norton are on snacks. Think banana bread, delicious tarts and their now signature Granola. As well as avocado on toast (hurrah!) and Italian ricotta lovingly spread on crunchy toast with a lash of honey.

Impress fellow hipsters: the furniture was custom designed for the café by Chris’s wife Emelie, and the bar is frame-poured reinforced concrete.

Fondation Café, 16 rue Dupetit Thouars 75003
Metro: Temple, Republique

Monday – Sunday, 8am – 6pm


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