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Crêpes: Breizh Café 75003

Marais La Crepe Galette Breton Crepes

Galette Complet at Breizh Cafe

The real deal when it comes to la crêpe.

La crêpe is one of the many French delicacies that visitors to France believe will be par excellence on every street corner. Made lovingly by old French grandmothers who smile and smell of lavender from Provence.

This is not the case. The majority of crêpes sold in the capital are woeful. Overpacked with frozen supermarket Emmental Râpé, squishy to the palette, with a hint of ‘I can’t believe it’s not Ham‘. In effect, if you want a good galette, go to Brittany.

Or you can go to Breizh Café, a well known temple of crêpe in the Marais. One of the only places in Paris where you will almost certainly have to wait for a table on a Saturday afternoon, but again one of the only places in Paris where it is actually worth it.

Its mastermind Bertrand Larcher is actually Breton, which helps the situation greatly. He sources butter from Jean-Yves Bordier, oysters from Cancale (where they also have an outpost) and offers the most comprehensive list of ciders I’ve seen in Paris.

The focus here is on really good produce, rather than trying to fancify Brittany’s humble historical dish. In an act of restraint, the prices are completely reasonable, and you can even book for lunch and dinner for certain days.

Impress fellow hipsters: The word crêpe derives from the Latin crispus meaning curled. Crêpes came after galettes (made with Buckwheat) at the turn of the 20th century when the price of white flour finally dropped.

Breizh Café, 109 rue Vielle du Temple 75003
T. +33 (0)1 42 72 13 77
W. breizhcafe.com

Metro: Saint Sébastian-Froissart
Wednesday – Sunday, 11.30am – 11pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday



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