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Cantonese: Le Pacifique 75019

Le Pacifique is a sprawling Cantonese restaurant on Rue Belleville that was decorated in the 1980s and refuses to advance into the future.

It’s one of the best spots in Paris for Dim Sum or for crispy skinned Pork and Duck, which hangs proudly in the entrance. Forget the wine list, stick to Chinese beer or Tea.

The riz Cantonais – or special fried rice to anglophones – is the perfect accompaniment to sweet and sour pork or beef in black bean sauce. It’s cheap, and open service continu from 11am – 11pm daily.

Impress fellow hipsters: order the flat noodles with BBQ pork (crepe de riz au porc laqué) or the BBQ pork buns, (char siu bao).

Le Pacifique, 35 Rue de Belleville  75019

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