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Korean Fried Chicken: Hero 75002

HERO Paris

Fried Chicken & Pork Buns at HERO

Cool cocktails and Korean Fried Chicken, set to the soothing sounds of cheesy R’n’B.

A dime-a-dozen in cities like Melbourne, London or NYC, Paris is distinctly lacking ‘hip’ places to consume a green curry with a cocktail.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, this city relegates ‘Asian’ food – with the exception of Japanese – to the cheap and cheerful category, taking it no more seriously than the plethora of ‘grecque’ outlets bastardising the souvlaki.

Even worse, in a country that so fiercely protects its own regionality, Asian food is an interpretive cloud of Cantonese, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese, maliciously reheated from cold stainless steel trays.

Hero is the anti-hero to all this nonsense. It serves inventive Korean food with Korean beer, alongside an original bunch of unique cocktails that match Korean food.

Fried chicken is the star here, and it’s bloody good, especially the variety lacquered with sticky chilli. You can try and eat it with a knife and fork (like a twat) but its best devoured cave-man style.

This is no doubt why the lights are dim and there is a sink in the middle of the restaurant.

Other notable mentions were the Pork Rib bun and some Gnudi-style Rice dumplings adorned with various sweet, sour and spicy vegetables and herbs.

It’s the type of concept we have come to expect from Quixotic Projects, the team behind Candelaria, Glass and Le Mary Celeste. Slick, efficient, professional, delicious, whilst remaining achingly ‘cool’.

Don’t forget to reserve, as the space is really tiny.

Impress fellow hipsters: there are rumours of a chef’s table arriving at some point with more of a degustation style dinner sitting inside the kitchen.

Hero, 289 rue Saint-Denis 75002
W. heroparis.com

Metro: Strasbourg Saint-Denis
Tuesday – Sunday 12pm – 3pm, 7pm – 11pm

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