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Noodles: La Taverne de Zhao 75010

It’s funny that living in Paris, the difference between the French cuisine of the South West, as compared to the North or South, is famed, but Cuisine Chinois is painted with one very large brush.

It’s not surprising to find Bo Bun on the menu of a Chinese restaurant – which is Vietnamese dish for those wondering why I mention it – or takeaway sushi at a local Pho establishment. Asian food in Paris generally suffers an understated identity crisis.

But occasionally you stumble upon a gem, and La Taverne de Zhao is just that. An unassuming dining room with three regional specialities native to the Shaanxi province of northwestern China, focused heavily on homemade noodles.

Take them cold with cucumber and sesame, or warm with mushrooms and tofu. Munch on a flatbread stuffed with pork and mild green chillies, sip a huge pitcher of jasmine tea. It’s cheap, simple and authentic regional cuisine.

Impress fellow hipsters: The proprietor Zhao comes from Xi’an, capital of the Shaanxi province. The recipe for the flatbread is over 2000 years old.

La Taverne de Zhao, 49 rue Vinaigriers 75010

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