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Oysters: La Trincante 75018

La Trincante Bar à Huitres

Seafood & antiques at La Trincante

Huge platters of oysters & inexpensive wine makes La Trincante our favourite antiques shop.

On a sleepy side street not far from Marcadet Poissonniers, one man is forging his love of bric-a-brac and seafood, with what must be the first hybrid bar à huitres and antique shop.

Generously sized #1 and #3 Oysters come directly from Britanny (Quiberon) or Normandie (Blanville), shucked and served alongside shallot vinaigrette and countless lemons. Prawns are delicately boiled and served whole, to be eaten unceremoniously with hands.

What this place lacks in spades is pretention. The mayonnaise seemingly comes from a jar, the butter is individual packets of President – France’s most democratic butter – and there isn’t any natural wine or cool music on the stereo.

What you get instead is a platter of 12 Oysters, with a centrepiece of prawns and smattering of welks for €28. Or maybe you want to pick up a bottle of white to go with a platter of 12 oysters for just €11.

For those not fond of creatures derived from the sea, there is cheese and charcuterie to keep you occupied. And best of all La Trincante stays open – to a decidedly neighbourhood clientele – from 10am – Midnight both Saturday and Sunday.

But Sunday dwellers beware, the delicious oysters are often sold out by 2pm.

Impress fellow hipsters: The owner is a rugby fan, making this is a great secret spot to watch the world cup on a Sunday afternoon whilst scoffing Brittany’s finest.

La Trincante, 23 rue Eugene Sue 75018
T. +33 (0)6 63 17 29 28

Metro: Marcadet Poissonniers
Tuesday – Thursday 17h – Midnight, Closed Friday

Saturday & Sunday, 10h – Midnight 

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