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Pool: La Quille 75011

La QuilleLa Quille is a public pool hall and miniature bowling alley where Oberkampf meets rue Saint Maur.

Upstairs there are six tables that you can rent for €15 per hour, by leaving a €20 deposit at the bar.

Whilst this can get expensive if you want to waste away an entire Sunday afternoon, a jug (pichet) of Kronenbourg is only €13, so at least the beer is ridiculously cheap.

The space is big enough to fit a crowd around the pool table and they don’t seem to mind large groups of rowdy English speaking expats. It is distinctly – and charmingly – devoid of any hipster industrialisation, music or clientele.

Impress fellow hipsters: tables drop down to €13 per hour during the week and there is also a space to play darts in the downstairs bar.

La Quille, 111 rue Saint-Maur 75011
T. +33 (0)1 43 55 87 21
W. bowlingstadium.fr

Metro: Rue Saint Maur, Parmentier
Open 7 Days, 2pm – 2am

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