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Produce: l’Epicerie du Verre Volé 75011


The array of daily produce in France can be quite astonishing to an ex-pat.

Simple bakeries serve complex desserts, tiny supermarkets seemingly dedicate 30% of floor space to cheese, edible boudin noir can be purchased from the most basic of bodegas.

Admittedly, just because it is edible doesn’t mean it is recommended, but what consistently surprises is the price. Market shopping is not only quality, but ridiculously affordable. Even those with the food-nerd-produce don’t seem to take you and your wallet to town.

Jams, juices, jambon, obscure dried mushrooms, grilled artichokes, chorizo or lomo. It can all be found here, nestled lovingly between canned baked beans and HP sauce.

But the real steal here is the daily sandwiches, less than €6.90 for an enormous baguette filled with all kinds of fun things found in the deli. For those with a more dramatic appetite (or hangover), you can choose a Gilles Verot hotdog for under a fiver, washed down with a Brooklyn Lager.

Impress fellow hipsters: A sister space to the Canal St Martin bistro and Oberkampf wine store, they sell the very Bordier cheese and butter than can be found in the restaurant, alongside all kinds of artisan charcuterie and microbrew beers.

l’Epicerie du Verre Volé, 54 rue de la Folie-Méricourt 75011


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