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Terrasse: Aux Folies 75020

Aux Folies

Aux Folies

Aux Folies is a tourist free terrace filled with hipsters, artists, hippies and shady looking people, taking advantage of the ludicrously cheap beer.

Winter or summer, rain or shine, this place is packed every evening, as a crew of deft waiters flit between crowds with pints and ricard and cheap cheap cocktails.

Named after an 18th-century watering hole at the gates of Paris, it is testament to diversity in an ever-gentrifying Belleville. The hipsters haven’t yet managed to fully conquer this place and the atmosphere is all the better for it.

The toilets are a tribute to rock’n’roll. Motorhead’s Lemmy dressed as the virgin mary, Nick Cave stickers, band posters and red neon lighting giving everything a Tarantino vibe. A place to drink until 2am no matter what day of the week.

Impress fellow hipsters: If the internet is to be believed, Edith Piaf used to sing here in the 1950’s when the place was a cabaret. But given that in the the 1950’s Edith was singing at Carnegie Hall in NYC, I’m dubious that she was also singing to a crowd of 50 at Aux Folies.

Aux Folies, 8 rue de Belleville 75019
Metro: Belleville
Monday – Sunday, 9am – 2am


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