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Wine: La Cave du Verre Volé 75011

Though the restaurant of the same name is essentially a wine store, the Verre Volé cave à vins is a more typical incantation of retail.

That is perhaps until you consider there is usually punk blaring through the stereo and the patron is often smoking behind the counter. Nonetheless its probably Paris’s largest location for natural wines.

Unless you really know something about wine, let the experts guide you. Or rather, let the experts pick out your bottles and deign to explain why they have been chosen. They rarely go wrong.

Impress fellow hipsters: Grab a bottle of whisky, they have a surprisingly impressive selection. Or head around the corner to the Verre Volé épicerie to pick up a sandwich.

La Cave du Verre Volé, 38 rue Oberkampf 75011

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